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Big Men (Chapter 3) - R Nait and Gurlez Akhtar Ringtone 1. Big Men (Chapter 3) (R Nait and Gurlez Akhtar)
Ego - R Nait Ringtone 2. Ego (R Nait)
Big Men - Chapter 2 - R Nait Ringtone 3. Big Men - Chapter 2 (R Nait)
Dont Care - R Nait Ringtone 4. Dont Care (R Nait)
Big Men - R Nait Ringtone 5. Big Men (R Nait)
Poison - Sidhu Moose Wala and R Nait Ringtone 6. Poison (Sidhu Moose Wala and R Nait)
Future - R Nait and Gurlej Akhtar Ringtone 7. Future (R Nait and Gurlej Akhtar)
Meri Maa - Tribute to Sidhu Moosewala - R Nait Ringtone 8. Meri Maa - Tribute to Sidhu Moosewala (R Nait)
Struggler - R Nait Ringtone 9. Struggler (R Nait)
Gundeyan Di Gaddi - Gurlez Akhtar and R Nait Ringtone 10. Gundeyan Di Gaddi (Gurlez Akhtar and R Nait)
Teri Life Meri Life - R Nait and Kaur B Ringtone 11. Teri Life Meri Life (R Nait and Kaur B)
Mitha Mitha - Amrit Maan and R Nait Ringtone 12. Mitha Mitha (Amrit Maan and R Nait)
Defaulter - R Nait and Gurlez Akhtar Ringtone 13. Defaulter (R Nait and Gurlez Akhtar)
Challa - R Nait Ringtone 14. Challa (R Nait)
Gwacheya Gurbakash - Sidhu Moose Wala and R Nait Ringtone 15. Gwacheya Gurbakash (Sidhu Moose Wala and R Nait)
Bebe Bapu - R Nait Ringtone 16. Bebe Bapu (R Nait)
Distance Age - R Nait and Gurlez Akhtar Ringtone 17. Distance Age (R Nait and Gurlez Akhtar)
Tera Pind - R  Nait Ringtone 18. Tera Pind (R Nait)
Dabda Kithe Aa - R Nait and Gurlez Akhtar Ringtone 19. Dabda Kithe Aa (R Nait and Gurlez Akhtar)
Reela Wala Deck - R Nait and Labh Heera Ringtone 20. Reela Wala Deck (R Nait and Labh Heera)
Ladaaka - R Nait and Shipra Goyal Ringtone 21. Ladaaka (R Nait and Shipra Goyal)
Dastaan E Ishq - R Nait Ringtone 22. Dastaan E Ishq (R Nait)
Roka - R Nait Ringtone 23. Roka (R Nait)
Cheater Boy - R Nait Ringtone 24. Cheater Boy (R Nait)
Baba Nanak - R Nait Ringtone 25. Baba Nanak (R Nait)
Gaddar Banda - R Nait Ringtone 26. Gaddar Banda (R Nait)
Kilometer - R Nait Ringtone 27. Kilometer (R Nait)
Try Kar Ke - R Nait Ringtone 28. Try Kar Ke (R Nait)
Regret - R Nait and Tanishq Kaur Ringtone 29. Regret (R Nait and Tanishq Kaur)
Lootera - R Nait and Afsana Khan Ringtone 30. Lootera (R Nait and Afsana Khan)

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